National Flash Fiction Day 2018


I’m delighted to have a story in this year’s National Flash Fiction Day anthology, Ripening. 

Here’s an excerpt from my story, The Creator is Disturbed at Her Vanity by the Cries of Mankind:


When such a time came that the humans had exhausted the scant opportunities to save their whirling dervish of a planet, they finally guessed my name.

Since their birth they had been shouting random words into my sky. Sorry, wrong number: guess again.

The pathetic, hairless creatures stood on their stilts and flag poles and extinguished electricity pylons to escape the rising waters. They mangled the pronunciation, their little faces turning unattractively red with effort … 

To read the rest, order your copy here

New children’s self-help books out now

I’m so proud to announce the publication of my first books for children. You’re a Star and Don’t Worry, Be Happy are aimed at 7-11 year-olds, and aim to introduce children in a friendly and approachable way to the subject of mental health.

The books are available on Amazon here and here

You can find my author page on the Summersdale website.



On Saturday 24 February 2018, I will be one of 30 artists and 30 writers undertaking a sponsored Draw-a-thon and Writers’ Relay at Fabrica gallery in Brighton.

We’re all taking part in this event because for the first time in its history, Fabrica is appealing for help in securing its future.

Individual artists or artist teams will draw for five hours non-stop. Writers will to do sprints of 30 minutes in a relay. We have a fundraising target for the event of £5,000.

Fabrica works with many vulnerable and isolated people in Brighton and thousands of people are able to see the most up to date contemporary art because entry is free.

You can sponsor me via my JustGiving page here or support Fabrica’s crowdfunder here

Come and watch a non-stop stream of drawings unfurl throughout the day and read new stories as they emerge on screen. We start at 11 am and end at 4 pm.

Entry is free. Fabrica is at 40 Duke Street, Brighton.

Refreshments will be on sale – especially cakes.

The Lobsters Run Free

Bath Flash Fiction Award volume 2 is available now, featuring my long-listed story Electrics.

I’d hear a headlight in full beam, or see radio silence descend. Only once did I get a complete sentence from him, only once and it came as if from someone swimming towards the surface, repeating the words until air found their lungs …


Get your copy from Ad Hoc Fiction here

Stories for Homes 2


Today is publication day for the Stories for Homes 2 e-book 🎉🎉🎉

Featuring a speculative short by me – Siamese – plus quality writing from varied contributors, all proceeds go to Shelter.

You can buy the e-book here

Please Be Quiet – Pithead Chapel


Please Be Quiet is published today in Volume 6, Issue 7 of Michigan-based online literary journal Pithead Chapel

The chandelier really is too large and grand for this room, Martha thought, every time she rattled its glass beads on her way past. It had been a wedding gift from a great uncle: an utter darling, but completely ignorant of the dimensions of modern homes…

Click here to read on. 


Portsmouth Writers’ Retreat with Writers’ HQ



Writer’s HQ retreats are arse-kicking, procrastination-busting productivity goldmines. Join me in Portsmouth to whip your WIP into shape, write a gajillion words and tease out those knots in your plot in the company of other writers.

Click here for more details.

Stories For Homes


Stories for Homes 2 will be published later this year, featuring my short story Siamese. 

In the mean time, the editors will be posting stories on the theme of home every week to the online anthology

The best-selling Stories for Homes 1 is available here with all profits going to Shelter