Stories For Homes


Stories for Homes 2 will be published later this year, featuring my short story Siamese. 

In the mean time, the editors will be posting stories on the theme of home every week to the online anthology

The best-selling Stories for Homes 1 is available here with all profits going to Shelter

The Ham Free Press


Issue 2 of The Ham is out now, featuring a short story – Gravity Can Suck It – and a poem – Scales – by me. You can buy a copy here or if you’re lucky you might find it distributed for free in unexpected places


The Forgotten and the Fantastical 3


My short story Silence Rose from the Water Like Steam is featured in Mother’s Milk Books’ new anthology The Forgotten and the Fantastical 3, out now.

The anthology features 17 original fairy tales and fables, and illustrations by Georgie St Clair and Emma Howitt.

Angela Readman calls it ‘an utterly enchanting anthology’

The anthology is available to buy here


Halo Issue 2

Issue 2 of Halo literary magazine features my short story ‘The Beetle’ and is available now in print, click here to order.

Oh Comely – Byootiful Holly

Shirley rang. V.nice tea – Holly bit better. Fire done – see you later. A note scribbled on the back of an envelope in 1991. Twenty-five years later I find myself carefully scanning and saving it, safe in the digital world from fire, theft and spilled cups of tea.

My grandmother, Sassy, came across these scraps of paper during a grand spring clean. It’s a hoarding instinct I share with her, that causes bank statements to sit for decades, just in case. Pieces of official paperwork and personal ephemera that may possibly, maybe one day, be wanted. It was in this big clear out of seemingly useless paper that the preciousness and vulnerability of these jotted sentences became apparent. Holly was Sassy’s beloved Jack Russell, who passed away not long after the notes were written.

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